5 Ways to Improve your Alexa Rank

In this blog we are going to discuss the 5 Ways to Improve your Alexa Rank.

What is Alexa?

Alexa is company by Amazon which provides information about website. Alexa ranks websites on many factors like website popularity, website traffic etc. Alexa ranks will update day by day. Alexa provides both free and paid packages to get website information. Alexa will not give the exact ranking but they give the approximate data of a website. Alexa rank has a major role in a website’s popularity. Many advertisers look for the alexa rank of the website to advertise on that website.

How to Improve Alexa Rank?

So now we know that alexa rank is a major factor in a websites popularity and demand. Now we can check what are the best ways to improve alexa rank of our website.
1.Installation of Alexa Toolbar

If you installed alexa tool bar on your web browser then you can see the alexa rank of the website that you are visiting by just pointing the curson on the icon of alexa tool bar. Moreover that alexa toolbar will send hits on your website to alexa server that will help you to improve the alexa ranking.
alexa rank toolbar

2.Install Alexa widget

Alexa tool bar only calculate hits from your own browser, all your visitors will not install alexa on their toolbar on their browsers. And moreover that most number of the website visitors will be from mobile phones, they cant install alexa tool bar on their phone. So there is a good solution for this. You can embed the alexa widget on your website by adding the following code to your website. So the widget will send every hits of your website to alexa server and it will really helps your website ranking.

3.Write Unique Content

Conent is an important thing in seo. If you add unique contents to your website, you will get more traffic to your website, it will helps to increase your alexa rank. Because alexa rank directly related to traffic.

4.Write Content Regularly

Writing regularly will help to increase your website traffic and it will helps in alexa rank. We all know that no one will love dead blogs. So if you want quality customers to your blog You want to upadate your blog regulary.

5.Share your Content on social media

Today everyone is connected with social media. So if you want to get more traffic to your website, then you want to share your contents to social media, it will help you to get quality traffic from different parts of the world to the website.