How to generate web traffic with a limited budget?

With a limited budget you will have to skip the experimental stage to generate web traffic – just for beginning.

Here are a few strategies that are usually guaranteed to give results – only if you do them right.

1) Allocating a budget for paid ads.

Do not try to advertise on every platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, Google, Facebook etc. You do not want to increase your budget to A/B test your ads or run them for experimenting.

it is better to invest in Google & Facebook only. This will definitely increase your web traffic almost instantly and are also not expensive to run compared to platforms like LinkedIn.

2) Reaching out to influencers in your niche.

If you can manage to convince one or two influencers who can promote/review your product, you will benefit a lot. This is because influencers tend to already have a large number of followers ready to listen to what they have to say. People follow influencers for inspiration. Hence, with influencers you will be able to get instant reach to your prospective audiences.

Also, instead of offering money to the influencers, you can also try an exchange of services by offering your product or services to them for a limited amount of time.

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3) Publishing content on your site and other platforms.

this one tactic might not get you instant results, but will pay off big in the long run. The idea is to write original content that is useful for your prospective customers and publish it on your website (keeping SEO research in mind) as well as other sites like blogspot and quora. You can always post content from your bnlog on other sites that allow guest blogging.

4) Spending some time on HARO as contributor.

A lot of people do not recommend HARO. But the reality is, it is an excellent way to get your content published. Contributors from sites like the New York Post, Forbes etc. send daily inquiries on a number of topics. Your job as a contributor on HARO is to answer as many queries as you can and as quickly as you can – make sure that it is relevant to your niche. Mentions on leading publications not only help us in driving traffic to your site but also give your rankings a definitive boost.

5) Sending cold emails.

This is also one of the fastest ways to gain traffic and generate leads. This requires building a list of companies based on your ideal customer profile, finding contact information and using an email platform to send emails at a large scale. Yes, the effort and time needed for this is considerably high – however, if you do it the right way, this is one of the best ways of lead generation and increasing site visitors.Consider separating a budget for cold outreach and reach a B2B data provider like Cloudlead with your specification.


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