All you want to know about whatsapp business

From this blog you will get All you want to know about whatsapp business.
Whatsapp is launching their new project to which connects people with business named whatsapp business. They are currently testing their new tools through a closed pilot program.You can download the new whatsapp business app from playstore.

whatsapp business

By using whatsapp web business owners can easily communicate with the customers and it will help to grow their business.
The main features of whatsapp business includes:

BUSINESS PROFILE: whatsapp business helps to create a business profile for a business. So customers can find informations about a business like contact information, address and website etc.
BUSINESS MESSAGING TOOLS: Business owners can set away messages for a business to say the you are more responsive to your customers when you are away.
LANDLINE/FIXED NUMBER SUPPORT: You can use a landline number to create a whatsapp business account and you can receive messages to that number to your smartphone from your customers. You can select the call me option to verify your phone number.
RUN BOTH WHATSAPP MESSENGER AND WHATSAPP BUSINESS ON THE SAME DEVICE: WHATSAPP WEB: If you have separated numbers for personal use and business use, then you can use both whatsapp messenger and whatsapp business on the same smartphone with two different numbers.

Whatsapp business is almost a copy of whatsapp messenger so it have almost all the features that whatsapp already have like, ability to send multimedia messages, calls, international free messaging etc.
If you changed your existing whatsapp messenger account to your whatsapp business then you are not able go back to your whatsapp messenger account again. If you want to go back to whatsapp messenger then you must want to copy your back up of whatsapp messenger from your phone to computer before changing to whatsapp business.

There are four ways to manage your business and messenger apps.

1.One phone and one app

(Only for whatsapp business)
Change you current business number to whatsapp business, this method is best for if you only want to use whatsapp business on your phone and intent to use whatsapp messenger on your phone.

2.One phone and two app

(With two different mobile numbers)
Use both whatsapp messenger and whatsapp business on the same phone. But you must have unique mobile numbers for whatsapp business and whatsapp messenger.
This p[lan is best for you if you want to use both personal and business accounts at the same time.

3.One phone and two app

(With one mobile number and one landline number)
This plan also usefull for thos who want both whatsapp messenger and whatsapp business on the same phone. But if your business number is a landphone number then also you can add that landline number to your business account by verifying that number a buy using call me option.

4.Two phone and two app

(Two different numbers on two phones)
You can use one phone phone for whatsapp business and one phone for whatsapp messenger. This plan is best for you if you want to use your personal and business accounts separately.