Decoder – Educational Mobile Apps

The decoder is a mobile coding IDE, where one can learn and code algorithms through an app as well as a website. So, one can learn to programme in more than thirteen programming languages by enhancing your coding skills, using code compilation and algorithm solving. Now you can learn to code anytime anywhere from the beginning itself. They appear as No 1 for code lovers who wish to become a professional one by solving challenges from the number of algorithm-based challenges/problems available in Algo Yo section to learn solving skills. And once you learn to code with Decoder, you will Experience the uniqueness with its unique code editor which supports all the features that should be in a CodeEditor like Syntax Highlighting, Code Completion, Auto indent, etc.
And so they especially include strong cloud-based compilers to compile the code and display output, since it is the fastest one and has reduced the app size to less than 4 MB. Thus they are known as BEST APP IN THE MARKET for fastest coding works in mobile devices. Till now, it’s continuing the Experience and exploration of the possibilities of the world programming with an active debug view for faster access to Output. Also, the user can write a code snippet and debug it in the same window. With Custom UI design, they offer custom menu drawer, custom code editor themes, editable font Size for the editor to allow the user an interactive coding familiarity. In short, they invite you to the joy of powerful coding techniques with Decoder setups.


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