Difference between SMO and SMM

SMO and SMM are two of the most important pillars of Digital Marketing World. There is still a lot of confusion about both of them over their meaning, purpose and impact. Therefore, let’s find out the meaning and point out the difference between these two terms.


SMO (Social Media Optimization):

Social Media Optimization is a new term due to the rise of Social Media Marketing. SMO requires creating profiles on social networks for your business so that the members of that network can view and share your profile with others. The goal is to attract more & more prospective buyers to your online community and provide them with valuable and relevant information.

SMM (Social Media Marketing)

Social Media Marketing is about promoting a business on various social media channels. It includes communicating with clients over their chosen social networks. It also includes paid social search or social advertisements. A majority of this advertising is based on PPC model, which means advertisers only pay when a user clicks on the advertisement.

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The Difference between SMO and SMM:

These two terms are close enough to an extent but they are not the same. So, let us take an example of Facebook. It is well known fact that Facebook pages and posts are used by local as well as international business to reach out to more potential customers and communities to promote a new service or products. Now, if you simply put up a post with an image along with an engaging piece of text. You have just taken the first step for Social Media Optimization. Social Media Optimization content here should have a link back to your website where the audience and readers can see what you are upto. You can do the same on other platforms like Twitter, Instagram, etc. and unsure that your network directs more potential customers to your business.

Social Media Marketing on the other hand is a little different. You take up the platform’s resource and target specific groups like journalists, businessmen, entrepreneurs etc. platforms like Facebook and Linkedin have special section for advertisements viewed or made a successful conversion with your advertisement post. This is possible on all leading platforms such as Google+, Facebook etc.



You might confuse SMO and SMM to be similar concepts. But, SMO is organic or unpaid part of social media while SMM is non-organic or paid.

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