How to Get Started and earn money from Google PPC Ads


Creating your Google Ads account is the very first step to getting started with Google PPC ads and learning how to earn money from Google. You need to sign up for an account on the Google Ads website, which is a matter of seconds. nest, you’ll create your first campaign.

Follow these steps to create a campaign and easily earn money from Google PPC ads.

1. Select campaign type and name.

First, select the goal/objective that you are trying to achieve with your campaign.

campaign type

Next, Google will show you the best campaign types to help you get there according to the goal you have selected.

Starting with search ads for your first campaign is a better idea. You can experiment with other campaign types once you learn more about how to earn money from Google and the ads platform. Stick with search network for now.

2. Choose the location where you want your ads to show.

Select a geographic area that you want to target with your ads. It can be as small as you like ( specific cities or pin codes ) or as large ( whole country . Select which is most appropriate based on your targeted demographic.

location google geo targeting

3. Select a bid strategy and set your daily budget.

At first there will be a default bid strategy. To have more control over your bidding, manually set your bids for clicks or conversions, according to your objective. Google will suggest the best strategy based on what you have told Google about what you want your ads to do. Next you’ll need to choose a daily budget, this will be the maximum amount that Google will charge you per day. Choose a daily max limit that looks reasonable based on your budget.

bidding strategy

You can set your bids yourself or let Google do the work in-order to maximize clicks/conversions.

Here you will want to set your maximum cost per click.

4. Creating your first ad group.

Single or multiple ad groups can be added to your Google Ads campaigns. Select “Add ad group” and enter the ad group name and choose your keywords.


As Google even gives you suggestions, creating ad groups with Google Ads is easy.

5. Writing your ad copy.

Write an ad copy and include the keyword in the headline (30 character limit per headline) and within the body of your ad. Make your ad copy engaging, while you clearly communicate what the search engine user will gain from clicking on your ad. There are up to 30 characters on the second and third headlines as well. Your display URL is going to appear under your headlines as shown below.

write-ad copy

In the end you can enter up to 2 different descriptions giving details about what you are advertising. Each description needs to be 90 characters or less. You can also add more options to your ad if you desire.

6. The Campaign is Ready

After you finalize the copy of your ad, just click to the next step to see a review of everything you have done so far. Google will show you the budget parameters that you have set, where your ad will appear to users, and a summary of ad groups, keywords & ads. If you click the drop down arrow, you will get a more detailed summary of your ad as well. Here, your ad is complete and ready. Now you can begin to bring in traffic, leads, and conversions.


These steps are a basic overview to get you started. There are many options that you can use to achieve specific goals. More you get to know the features and options in Google Ads, the better you will learn how to earn money from Google.

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