10 features you must know about google analytics

In this blog we are going to discuss the top 10 features you must know about google analytics.

Google Analytics is a free service by Google for web analytics. Google launched Google analytics on 2005. Google analytics gives exact data about your website like daily visitors, how they came to your website, which are the pages they visited, location of visitors, keywords used by visitors to enter your site and many more.
In this blog we can check 10 best features you must know about Google analytics.

1.Google analytics is completely free:

We can access the complete features in Google analytics without any payment.

2.Get Real Time Data:

You will get real time data of your website on Google analytics. Real time data includes real time number of visitors on the website, Page views of real time visitors, how they came to website, which keyword they used to search for this website, location and country of the visitor, which page they are visiting right now and real-time Conversion rate etc.

3.Set your Goals:

You can set your goals on Google analytics to track your conversion rate. Goals are used to measure whether your website or app full filled the targeted objectives. There are five types of goals in Google analytics. They are :
• Destination: used to track how many times a specific location loads.
• Duration: Used to track how many sessions that fulfilled the desired session duration.
• Pages/Screens per session: Used to track the number of sessions which have a specific number of page views.
• Event: Used to track how many times a specific event like link click, video view takes place.

4.Compare website information of two time periods:

You can compare your website performance in two different time periods.

5.Integrate with Google adwords account:

You can integrate your google analytics account with your google webmaster accounts.

6.Receive automatic email reports:

If you are working on a big company or if you have much number of websites to manage, then it is difficult for you to login and check every website data daily. So as a solution for this Google analytics will send you daily reports automatically to your inbox. It will save your time and you can access your website performance reports easily.

7.Measure bounce rate of your website:

Bounce rate is the rate of visitors enter your site and exit without doing any further actions. You can track bounce rate of your website and can find solution to reduce your website’s bounce rate.

8.Find the top content of your website:

You can find the webpage that your visitors visit the most. Find the webpage with most attractive content and make all of your web pages on that format.

9.Export as PDF:

You can convert all your website analytics reports to PDF file format. So it wil be easy for you to send monthly performance report for your clients.

10.Find your top exit page:

Google analytics will tell you about your top exit pages. So you can find the trouble spot and take steps to improve the performance of that specific page.