10 Common mistakes in SEO

In this Blog We are going to discuss the 10 Common mistakes in SEO (Search engine optimization).

1.Choosing wrong keywords

Search engine optimization or SEO is all about the keywords you are selecting to rank your website. So before choosing the keyword confirms that is the write keyword for your website. Try to select most used long tail keywords rather than generic keywords. Because Search engines and users give more preference for long tail keywords. Use different keyword planner tools like Google trends and Google adwords keywords planner to select the right keyword.

2.Keyword stuffing

Using your keyword on every line of your content doesn’t help your SEO, If you did like that your website will be listed as spammy by search engines, which means it actually affects badly to your website’s SEO. Google have a special facility called LSI or latent semantic indexing which will automatically recognize your content’s topic without stuffing keywords.

3.Unrelated Content and Duplicate Content

All search engines want to serve the most relevant results to the visitors for their query. If your content of webpage is not related to your keyword it will not rank well. So you want to write your content that is related to your targeted keyword. There are many reasons for this, if you write content just to add keywords, or if you target more than one keyword on a single page it will affects your page rank.
Another widely used mistake in SEO is content duplication. If you copy and plagiarizing content will be listed as a spammy practice and the search engines will remove your website from their listings. Creating original content is the only way to list your website on top of google.

4.Missing Backlinks

To get best results from SEO you want to do off-page SEO also for your web page. Getting quality backlinks to our site is a important factor in SEO of our website. It is important to get quality back links rather than the quantity of websites.

5.Mobile friendly

Most of the traffic coming to all websites is from mobile phones. So it is important for you to optimize your website mobile friendly. If your website is responsive and mobile optimized Google will rank your site on top pages when visitors searching from mobile phones.

6.Not Using Analytics Tools

You want to track your website performance to know that your SEO and content effort works well. The best tool to track your website performance is Google analytics. Google analytics will give you deep insights about the performance of your performance like daily visitors, daily page views, Unique visitors, most used keyword, traffic source etc. Using Google analytics you can understand how your optimization working for different kinds of content and you can make changes in your SEO strategies by analyzing the results.

7.Not Optimizing for local Search

Google will give local search results to the people. So if we want to get more local traffic to our web site, it is important for you to optimize your website for local search.

8.Not having unique title tag and meta description

By optimizing your content for SEO will not give good results for you. Title tag and Meta tag optimization are two main factors of on-page optimization. Search engines will crawl the title tag and Meta description. So add the targeted keywords on both title and Meta description tag so you can improve your page rank and it will improve the traffic to your website.

9.Not Using Anchor texts

Anchor texts have an important role in SEO of your page. Anchor text means the link on text. Give bakclinks from most related keywords to your targeted keyword. We can anchor tags from one webpage to another web pages of same website and we can give backlink from a webpage of another website. Both types of anchor texts have importance in SEO. The page you are linking from the anchor text will rank for the specific keyword.

10.Using the same anchor text for all links

We know that anchor texts have important in SEO. There is mistake that most of the people will make when giving a link to anchor text. If you give more than one anchor text on a webpage for different keywords leads to the same page, it will not help your SEO. Search engine bots will only consider the first anchor text to a web page as the keywords for that. So if you want to add more than one anchor text on a single web page. Give different links for all of them.

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