10 Tips to reduce your blog’s bounce rate

Here are 10 Tips to reduce your blog’s bounce rate

1. Improve your Blog’s  readability: –

This could one of the reasons of getting a higher bounce rate. Hence, the first thing you need to do is increase the readability of your contents. It is necessary to make your blog look good so that your readers do not get move away. Try to make it to the point and avoid writing large chunks of paragraphs. You can make it easier for the readers by adding bullets and sub-headings in the content.

2. You should avoid Pop-ups:-

It has been found in a recent study that 70% of the readers bounce back from any article because of unnecessary pop-ups. It has become one of the biggest distractions that the readers face and therefore increasing the bounce rates. It is necessary for you to opt for pop-up blocker so that it does not distract the readers while going through your content.

3. Add a persuasive call-to-action:-

According to Go Globe, on 50% of the websites readers get to see it instantly as they have a very convenient call to action part . Implement the same immediately if you are not one of them.

Readers  can be attracted by creating catchy headline and content. However, to convert them to your potential customers, it is extremely important for you to give them the call to action part quick and easy.

Make it visible to the readers clearly so that they do not search for the call to action part and also make sure that the call to action part is compelling enough.

4. Establish a brand name:-

When you are writing an on-page blog, you need to establish your brand name thoughtfully. When you write on a topic, highlight you brand name by proper storytelling. Storytelling is the best way to keep the readers engaged and eventually bring your brand to life. This way you will get more customers, when more readers are compelled about your brand name.

5. Highlighting your feature: –

You need to highlight the unique features that your business has. You have to persuade the customers by stating what features you have and how that can be beneficial for them through your writing.

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6. Be honest with your write up: –

You need to provide the right information about the topic and also be honest about your service. Do not promise anything to your customers that you are not sure of. This can help you to acquire the trustworthiness of the customers.

7. Share your content appropriately:-

When you write a blog, sharing and promoting the content to generate traffic is your foremost responsibility. Now, you need to decide about the platform on which you can promote the content to generate organic traffic in your blog. therefore, when you share your content, you need to do it appropriately.

8. Update your Blog with fresh content: –

You need to keep updating your blog with new contents every day. When you do not update the contents of your website for long, the readers will not be hooked on for long, and the bounce rate will increase.

9. Target beneficial keywords: –

Keywords rich articles and other forms of contents are helpful in getting good traffic on your website. It can be said that when you insert beneficial keywords in your contents, more traffic will be generated on your website.

10. Analyzing the results: –

You have to analyze the result of your contents through using proper KPI tools. It will help you to know the number of traffic and also the bounce rate of your website. If you keep track of your progress, it will be easier for you to correct your flaws.

Conclusion – therefore, these are some of the useful tips to reduce the bounce rate. Follow these and see how your website is getting more traffic and conversion of leads.

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