Top 10 Black hat Techniques that will kill your SEO

This blog discuss about the Top 10 Black hat Techniques that will kill your SEO. Search engine optimization means increasing the number of visitors of a website by ensuring that the website address appears on the top of the search results that are provided by search engines. The are various techniques used to do search engine optimization. Search engine optimizations (SEO) are of two types:

White hat SEO

White hat SEO methods are the methods recommended by search engines and websites that do white hat SEO will target both search engines and visitors.

Black hat SEO

Black hat SEO is type of SEO which is not recommended by the search engines and the website only focus the search engines to get high ranking but not for the visitors’ convenience. Black hat SEO method is also known as spamdexing.
In this blog we are going to check what are the main black hat techniques used in SEO.

1.Keyword Stuffing

Keyword stuffing is a black hat search engine optimization (SEO) technique. In keyword stuffing method the WebPages are fully loaded with keywords on their Meta tags and website content to get high SERP ranking. If search Engines caught this technique then the website will be penalized temporarily or permanently. All Major search engines implemented the facility to recognize keyword stuffing on their algorithm.

2.Over-Optimized Alt text

Image Alt tag optimization is a method used for image optimization. Google crawlers can understand content of a picture by analyzing the alt text of an image. But If the alt tag of an image is over optimized or stuffed with more unrelated keywords then the Search engine crawlers will find the over optimization and it will listed as black hat method and search engines will penalize the webpage temporarily or permanently.

3.Commercial Anchor Text on Internal Pages

Anchor text is a very good SEO method it means the link in text. In which we can add link to a website on the keyword that are related to the content of a webpage. We can give anchor tags from one page to another page of same website and we can also give anchor tags on a webpage to another webpage of a different website.
But if we add commercial or promotional keywords or unrelated keywords as anchor text it will considered as an black hat SEO technique.

4.Irrelevant Keywords

We know that keywords have an important role in the ranking of a website. But if we add irrelevant or unrelated keywords for a website then the search engines will consider that as a black hat SEO technique.

5.Hidden/ Invisible Text and Links

This is another black hat SEO technique commonly used to optimize a website. In this technique keywords and anchor text are included but that are hidden or invisible from the visitors. Sometimes the keywords will be added in the same color of the background color of the webpage. So the text or link will be invisible from the visitors but the search engine bots can easily find this type of black hat methods, If the search engines bots find any methods like this they will remove your website from the list for temporarily or permanently.

6.HTML Heading Over-Optimization

Header tags like h1 to h6 have a very important role in SEO if we add keywords on the header tags of our website. Among these header tags H1 tag has an advantage over others. The text with h1 tags will consider as the main heading of that website, and the keywords on the h1 tag will get an advantage in ranking. Generally we can add only one h1 tag on a webpage. But if anyone added many h1 header tags to rank their website, then it will be considered as a black hat SEO method.

7.Duplicate Content

We all know content is the king of SEO. But if we make content that already on there on internet. It will consider as duplicate content. Content duplication is a black hat SEO Technique. Content on the web must be unique and original.

8.Article Spinning

There are many websites on the web and other softwares which helps to do article spinning. If we give a content to a spinning website or software that is already on the web, we will get content with the same meaning. Normally it will be like a unique and original content but some of the major search engines have the facility to find spinned articles on their search engine algorithm.

9.Buying Links

We can call backlinks as the backbone of SEO. Backlinks are the links that leads to a specific webpage of our website from another webpage of same website or a different website. If the backlinks links are from same website which are called as inbound links and if the backlinks are from other website then it is called as outbound links. Numbers of outbound links have a major role in Search engine results page (SERP) ranking.
But there are many unethical black hat techniques to increase the number of backlinks like buying links. There are many agencies they will give hundreds or thousands of backlinks from numerous websites for a small price. But those backlinks are not quality backlinks. So the Search engines bots can easily find these types of websites and they will panelize you from the search results.

10.Directory Listing

Directory listings are another method to build backlinks to a website. There are numerous website directory websites on internet. There we can add our website for free and we will also get a backlinks to our website. But the links from website directories are not quality back links, So it will affects your SEO very badly.

There are many other black hat techniques in SEO. So we want to understand which are white hat techniques and which are black hat techniques in SEO before doing SEO for our website.

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