All you want to know about Google Tez

In this blog we are going to discuss all you want to know about google TEZ.

Google, the search engine giant also provides many other internet related products and services to people like online advertising, cloud computing and many hardware and software products etc.
Here is a new product from google – Google Tez
Google Tez is a mobile payement service that mainly targeted the users from india. By using tez you can pay your bills directly from your existing bank account. There no need to create an another account or using and reloading wallets. Almost all major banks in india is supported with google tez.

Features of Google TEZ

Here are few interesting things that you want to know about Google Tez.
• You can do secure payements through google tez by tez shield. Tez shield helps to verify your identity, prevent hacking and detect fraud.
• Each transaction through google tez is secured with a PIN and the app is also secured with a pin or users screen lock method like fingerprint.
• By using cash mode one tez user can send money to another tez user instantly without sharing the private details like bank account.
• More over these interesting features tez also offers delightful surprises to its users. By earning tez scratch cards users will get upto 1000 in each transactions and can eligible to get upto 1 lakh on lucky Sundays.
• Tez works with almost all banks in india and in almost all smartphones.
• Tez also provides language support in major Indian languages like hindi,English,Bengali, gujarati,marati,tamil and telugu for easy understanding.

Now we can check How to use tez on a smartphone.
Step 1: Android users can download google tez from play store and iphone users can download from app store.
Step 2: Keep your account safe by setting a google pin or screen lock to your app. It will prevent us from unauthorized uses and accidental transactions.
Step 3: Link your existing bank account with google tez.
Step 4: Now tez on your mobile is ready to use.