The Importance of Programming Language

Learning to code has become essential in this age of the internet, as the present world is rushing towards automation and machines that are rapidly getting rid of many jobs. That is why it is important to realize the importance and utility of coding for surviving.

Here are some precise information about the importance of  programming languages that will help you understand and what programming languages are to be learned and what if the role of a specific programming language in shaping the world of internet.


Python – Fun and Easy programming language

Python is a fun and easy programming language. It read likes English, which is why it  is easy to understand for the beginners. To learn python, you need to learn strict syntax rules. It will help you get a basic knowledge of coding.

Python is not to be underestimated when it comes to utility part. It is an excellent programming language for graphic user interfaces (GUIs) and web development. Therefore, python is still in demand and company owners do not hesitate to rely on it.

Python is adaptable as it can be used in building web apps, data analysis. International organisations such as NASA, Pinterest and Reddit also use this language for their frameworks.

But, python is considered as a slow language which requires extra testing. Moreover, it is not considered as effective and practical for developing mobile apps as compared to some other programming languages. However, this language is still in demand due to certain advantages.

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Ruby – a User friendly language

Ruby is a dynamic and user friendly scripting language used to build websites and also mobile apps. It is easy to learn and is also user friendly just like python. Especially those who do not have any future experience of programming, it is the ideal language to pick up coding. Having multiple libraries and handy tools is what makes Ruby easy to comprehend and learn.

One of the unique features of Ruby that makes this programming language like by many is its full stack framework called Ruby on Rails. It allows rapid development  having less code making, thus making the job of building web apps simpler than ever. Ruby on Rails is popular among startups and enterprise solutions. For instance, Groupon, Airbnb and soundcloud were built on Ruby on Rails.

Ruby has gained popularity for small and medium businesses. However, critics raised eyebrows about its ability to fulfill the challenge of scalability across a large system and it’s poor performance over large websites. Therefore Ruby without a doubt is easy to learn while Ruby on Rails will definitely provide you with opportunities to successfully create any website.


C – machine level programming language

C is a machine – level programming language, that will let you know how a computer works. According to software developer Joel Spolsky, learning C is same as learning the anatomy of a computer just as a doctor learns the anatomy of the human body before becoming a medical doctor.

It is still in use despite being the oldest language. C actually provides the basis for modern programming languages such as C++ and C#, which is why it is highly recommended to learn C.

Developers all over the world have the knowledge of this language. Not only is it an easy and flexible language, but it is also powerful programming language. Computing architectures and operating system still rely on only C. it is also used in embedded electronic systems.

C is generally considered as a difficult language to learn. However it is still an ideal language, as all programming languages are applied in it. This means learning C will help you to learn more complex and advanced languages such as C++ and C#.

Therefore, C is an ideal choice for those who wish to become a master coder and develop their skills.


C++ – high performance language

C++ is a mid  – level programming language having high and low – level features. It is considered to be one of the strongest languages, as it is used across systems, software, server applications and embedded firmware. Mac,  OS/X, Adobe, Google all of these use C++. Moreover, it is used for high quality performance softwares such as gaming engines.


C# – an Object oriented language

C# also known as C – sharp is somewhat similar to Java. This language is simple and object oriented. It is used with XML – based web services over the internet platform. Microsoft also employs C#. It is used in wide range of enterprise applications that are employed over the internet. In short, it is designed to improve the productivity of Web applications.

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Java – feature heavy programming language

Java works cross – platform which makes this unique and amazing feature – heavy programming language different from other languages, this is why it is in high demand.

It is one of the most desired language for programming as it is object oriented. Java programmers are highly paid as top employers such as eBay, Amazon and IBM always look for them.

It is widely adopted programming language, as it is used to develop all android apps on tablets and mobile phones. Currently almost 9 million developers are using Java and it is running nearly on 7 billion devices all over the world. This makes  Java the most relevant and as well as futuristic programming language.

One thing you need to remember about Java is that it is high level programming language, that is why it is not as easy as python. But, nevertheless, Java is still a beginner friendly language. While learning Java and implying the code of this language, it may take a bit long for you to finish your first project, but once you master it, you will be able to complete coming up projects in very less time.



Many of you may find learning programming languages hard and difficult, but you need to remember one thing – no pain no gain.

Learning coding can help you fetch a lucrative and high paid job as you can be picked as a test automation engineer by any international corporation such as Google or Amazon.

In short, if you want to survive in the modern digital world, you need to remember the following words of T J Maher;

‘ Do not stop practicing to code once you’re hired as a test engineer. Learning is a never – ending journey’

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