These are 22 apps that Google has taken from Play Store

It is best to delete these apps before you have it installed on your phones.The world is rapidly progressing. Thousands of daily apps are being released today with new fillers. It’s something that’s worrying about the safety of these. E-community is looking for ways to prevent this. As part of this, Google has come up with the worst practice.

Google has taken over 22 apps from its Play Store with the security of its customers and the functionality of the phone. These include up to millions of popular apps. According to a report by Google, apps that affect the phone’s battery, unnecessary tapping of data, and unnecessary modules without users’ knowledge have been changed from the PlayStore.

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The following 22 apps have been removed from the Google PlayStore. It is best to delete these apps before you have it installed on your phones.

harmful to your Phone

1.Sparkle FlashLight
2.Snake Attack
3.Math Solver
4.Take A Trip
6.Join Up
7.Zombie Killer
8.Space Rocket
9.Neon Pong
10.Just Flashlight
11.Table Soccer

Removed From Play store

12.Cliff Diver
13.Box Stack
14.Jelly Slice
15.AK Blackjack
16.Color Tiles
17.Animal Match
18.Roulette Mania

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