Google Coming with .app Top Level Domain for App Developers

Google registry announces new top-level domain(TLD) for mobile apps named “.app”. Google provides the .app domain only for apps and app developers to increase their app security. With a website in ‘.app’ domain, people can find the website and they can know more about the app. App developers can use the home page of the website as a secure landing page to give download links to the app. App developers can also give deep links to in-app contents.

Security in ‘.app’ TLD

The main feature of this domain is enhanced security. Google ‘.app’ domain promotes HTTPS everywhere future. HTTPS is required to connect to all .app websites. To secure your desired ‘.app’ domains, you can be registered from google early access program until may 7. After May 7 ‘.app’ domain will be available for public on any registrar websites.

Ased Irfan


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