Latest Technologies Used in FIFA World Cup 2018

Soccer is followed by billions of people around the world, and technology has played a critical role for broadcasters, organizers, and spectators. A Referee’s decision hasn’t got this much importance in any other games. Until 2014 no referees have received any artificial help in making decisions. Its when the mainstream teams started having problems in referee’s decision, the technology decided to give a helping hand. The last World Cup in Brazil saw the debut of goal-line technology which has made a lot of critical situation more easier. The 2018 FIFA World Cup is all set for kick-off in Russia, the tournament has a few 21st-century technical innovations to provide the additional support to referees and give extra information to the teams. Let’s see, what are the innovations To Watch Out For In Russia. This blog explains the Latest Technologies used in FIFA World Cup 2018.

Latest Technologies used in FIFA World Cup 2018


The VAR or Video Assistant referee system is one of the Latest Technologies used in FIFA World Cup 2018. The Video Assistant referee(VAR) system is introduced to assist the referees in decision making. Referees can refer game-changing situations to a video referee. They can ask assistance for Situations such as goals, penalties and mistaken identity. Video assistant team has a lead VAR and three assistant VARs to help the main referee to make the right decision. VARs will be located at Video Operation Room(VOR) in the international Broadcast center in Moscow. Each VAR at a different camera feed to inform the referee of any mistakes he made, miss any incidents or when he asks for assistance.
Ensuring that the game’s speed is not affected has always been a big issue.


A tablet-based system for coaches of all teams, which will give coaches access to player statistics and live video footage. This is system works with camera-based systems and wearable technology, data collected are with two optical tracking cameras. The teams will have access to tactical cameras. Three tablets are supplied to each team-one for the medical team, one for an analyst in the stand and another one for the analyst on the bench. Match footage will have a 30-second delay and stats such as positioning, passing, pressing, speed and tackles are shown in this.

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Adidas has been manufacturing the official match ball for every World Cup since 1970, They use the event to showcase their latest technical innovations. The Adidas Telstar 18 is the official match ball of the 2018 FIFA World Cup and it pays homage to Adidas’s first World Cup match ball, named the Telstar. The new “Telstar 18” comes with a Near Field Communication(NFC) chip in it. NFC allows the ball to communicate with a smartphone and it’s the first time an NFC chip has ever been included in a match ball. New Telstar is claimed to have an improved performance durability both in the stadium and on the street. The “Telstar 18” ball manufactured in Pakistan has six textured panels seamlessly glued together but are not stitched.

4K UHD Video

Even though there were 4K trials at Brazil 2014 world cup, This is the first time a 4K feed will be available to all the broadcasters. The 4K Ultra High Definition(UHD) provide the viewers with super clarity vision experience with more realistic colors and higher frame rates. Now that a number of competitive television company’s are set to provide nothing but quality pictures, This innovation is on its way to being the favorite one.

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