12 Easy Tips to Use Google Keep – Features of Google Keep

What is Google Keep?

Google Keep is one of the best note-taking app developed by Google. Google keep is available on the web and it has both android and ios apps. We can access google keep by using our Gmail account. Keep helps us to save notes in various formats like texts, audios, images, and lists. In this blog, we are going to discuss the 13 easy tips to use google keep or the features of Google keep.

Features of Google Keep

1. Make Notes
You can make your notes on google keep by just clicking/Tapping on ‘Take a note’ option. Give the title of the note on the title section and write the note on the below section.

Features of google keep 1

2. Create Reminders
You can also create reminders on Google keep by selecting the remind me of an option from the app.

Features of google keep 4

3. Make Lists
You can use make notes in list format also. If you want to create lists on google keep, select the list option when clicking on take a note.

4. Collaborate with others
If you want to collaborate with others to make a note. You can add your collaborators to your note by selecting the collaborator option and add their Gmail address.

Features of google keep 3

5. Change Note Colours
You can change the layout color of your note. If you give different colors for each category, it will be easier for you to understand. Select the change color option to change the color of notes.

Features of google keep 5

6. Add Images to notes
Users can also add images to the notes by selecting the add image option.

Features of google keep 6

7. Add Drawings
You can add your drawings to Google keep notes by selecting the add drawing option.

8. Pin Notes to Top
You can pin your most wanted pins at the top of google keep feed by selecting the pin option.

9. List View and Grid Views
There are two types of note arrangements in google keep, list view, and the grid view. You can select the arrangement types from the top of the google keep.

10. Helpful Suggestions
Google keep will give suggestions for your list to add a new element like grocery items.

11. Add Labels
Labels are the easy way to find your notes easily. If you add labels to your notes and lists you can search your notes by selecting the specific labels from the list. There are two ways to add a label in your notes. You can add labels by adding the words on the notes itself just after a hashtag (eg: #Blogs) or you can also add labels option given in the notes section.

Features of google keep 2

12. Add Tick Boxes
If your checkbox lists on google keep. You can also give checkbox options for the list items.

And you can use ‘ok google’ commands to take a note or add a list.

How to use Google Keep

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