Google Trends Updated With New Design And Features

Google Trends updated with new design and features. Google trends are one of the biggest datasets of journalists all around the world.

The new design gives importance to more editorial-based stories on front. The new features of google trends are:

  • A new section for trending searches which gives data about what is trending on the web on the day and what is trending on the moment.

  • The new design enables easy access to the year in the search section. You will get the popular searches on various categories from all over the world from the year 2001.

  • The google trends updated version includes an infographic types such as intensity map two compare the trends.

  • All the previous versions options like real feeds, explore pages and daily trend pages are still there in the new updated version.

  • The new design has an attracting user interface which helps the users to understand easily.

Ased Irfan


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