10 tips for beginners in blogging

Blogging is a well known buzzword in the world of internet. You can get the most out of blogging by utilizing it for various purposes. Earlier, blogging was just a way to share thoughts and views with people online, but with time it has evolved into a tool for making money online and  promoting businesses, products and services. It even helps you become a brand in the industry that you are in.

Hundreds of blogs are being created every day either by experienced bloggers or beginners, but it can be seen that many beginner bloggers quit in a very short time. The reason why they leave blogging early is because they aren’t able to make money in the first six months.

One thing every blogger needs to know is that blogging is different kind of business in which you have to patient and work more on building an authority first. It can take more than a year, but once you have an authoritative blog, you don’t need to worry about money. You can cash out all of the efforts you have pit since the beginning.

Therefore, do not think of the money from the day you start your blog rather put your mind on building an excellent blog first.


Following are 10 tips for beginner is blogging :


1.Well Written content:

Content is a primary building block of a blog, therefore the content must be splendid to build a profitable blog.

It has been commonly seen that most of the beginners fail to create useful content. It is recommended that every beginner needs to spend some quality time researching the topic that they are going to write.

As a beginner, this mistake can be made again and again. They keep writing without any research, an as result those articles are not so informative and result in getting only few visitors to those blog posts.

The first thing that should be done is to decide a topic, do little bit of keyword research and then sit to write a masterpiece.

Research helps you to know what others have been saying about that particular subject. Their views can help you understand that topic even better. Once you understand this, the content will naturally become a great one as you mix up your thoughts and views with the views of other people have shared in articles.

So, you should never compromise on the quality of the content. Every article you write should be a masterpiece as it helps you build credibility for your blog which results in bringing massive blog traffic.


2.Niche selection:

Do not be confused over choosing a niche. Most of the newbie bloggers not clear about choosing their niche. Sometimes they start with a blog that shares blogging tips and when they don’t see any organic traffic, they start sharing the latest news about technology and gadgets in their blog.

It is suggested that you choose the niche that you love because when you work on something that you really love, the outcome will be great. But at the same time you need to consider choosing a niche that is profitable.


3.Content formatting:

The beginners often make mistakes by not formatting their content properly. They use multiple colors in the same post, and they even use different formatting style on individual articles.

The best way to format blog posts:

  • Use no more than two colors in the post.
  • Use similar formatting in every post.
  • Do not overuse bold, italic or underline, use them only when required.
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4.Be consistent:

You need to be consistent. If you are consistent to blogging from the beginning you can get many benefits.

Consistency doesn’t only mean to post every day, rather you can do promotion, research, build links, and many other tasks. Do not just open your blog once every week, and post an article. Even if you can work a few hours, do it every day rather than working 10 hours at once in a month.

As mentioned earlier that every day that there are a huge number of blogs being created. That clearly means there is fierce competition in blogging thus you have to be active and maintain consistency to stand in the competition.


5.Be helpful to everyone:

If you are a beginner, that doesn’t mean that you cannot help someone. Always stand first when it comes to helping someone in need. You may find many who need help in different things, you can help them in your field of expertise.

Always be generous to everyone because the world needs only love. If you good to the people around you, they will be good with you too.


6.Build relationship:

Blogging is great when you build a healthy relationship with your readers, fellow bloggers and advertisers.


7.Do not neglect SEO:

If you are aware of SEO strategies, that’s good. But, if you are not then it is suggested that you learn the basics of on-page SEO first so that you can optimize every post. Later you can learn how to build backlinks.

You must not neglect this as it is the only strategy that can help you bring organic traffic for your blog.


8.Make use of Social Media:

As a beginner, some tend to ignore social media for months but that can be bad for your blog. You should understand this and start working on social media marketing that will help you a lot to reach even more audience.

Social signals are equally important, therefore make use of social sites to publish your content on them. Facebook, G+, Twitter etc. are the best platforms to get started with.


9.Read few articles daily and post comments:

As a beginner blogger, you should explore your niche, and that you can do easily by reading a few articles every day, and write comments on them. Reading will help you learn and writing comments will make you build a relationship with other bloggers. If you are confused while reading an article, you can always ask in the comments.


10.Choose a CMS (Content Management System) platform:

It is not necessary to choose a particular CMS only. But, if you want to make it big and want to get most out of your blogging efforts, choosing WOrdpress is recommended. You can also choose blogger, joomla or any other.



Blogging is not as easy as it seems to be, therefore it is important for the beginners to know few things in the very beginning.

This blog post is an effort to share few good blogging tips and suggestions to those beginner bloggers. So that they can go into the right decision to make most out of their blogging efforts.

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