Solo learn – Educational Mobile Apps

Solo learn is an exclusive platform for learning and playing with codes. With a blessing of 19,894,127 learners, 940 lessons and 9268 quizzes, they set the motto as everyone can code. So the passionate team behind it, made their courses as online to ensure a crowd-learning since learning has never been this social and accessible for so many! Since it’s an unlimited space where no more set locations, time, or pace! A student can decide where, when, and how quickly they will learn at any time.Their main courses are C+++ Tutorial, Java Tutorial, Python 3 Tutorial, Javascript Tutorial, PHP Tutorial, C# Tutorial, Swift Fundamentals, Ruby Tutorial, HTML Fundamentals, SQL Fundamentals, etc.
And they planned the curriculum as bite-sized lessons and fun practice sessions for grabbing your attention and keep you focused. Thus it will reflect in the learner’s guaranteed best results! Then, they plan all their sections with practicals to master the task, then reinforce and test their knowledge with fun, hands-on exercises, and interactive quizzes. Throughout the lesson plans, they never want to be a serious study, instead believe in the strength of real learning with a lot of fun & exercises. And they will also help to develop profiles, to unlock each level, to earn skill points and achievements and challenge their brilliant students by competing with other learners throughout the world.


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