Man dies in Rajasthan: 10 things to avoid mobile explosion and getting burnt alive

A 60 year old man from chittorgarh, rajasthan was burnt alive due to mobile explosion. Kishore singh, went to bed with his mobile phone in his front shirt pocket. He suddenly woke up at 2:30 am when his mobile phone exploded suddenly and his clothes caught fire. With very less time to react, the man got burnt severely and was declared dead upon reaching the hospital.

10 things to avoid mobile explosion and getting burnt alive

While the make and brand of the phone is unknown, here are 10 things you should do to avoid getting burnt alive;

1. Never sleep with mobile phone under the pillow or front shirt pocket.

2. Never keep your phone near flammable objects during night.

3. Never charge your phone overnight.

4. Avoid using duplicate chargers or adapters of other phones and never use duplicate batteries.

5. Avoid using duplicate charging adapters.

6. Avoid using car charging adapters.

7. Do not buy or repair mobile phones from local shops and unreliable sources, only go to authorised centres.

8. Do not use the phone when it is warm.

9. Do not put the phone under direct sunlight while charging.

10. Do not put unnecessary pressure on the phone by placing something over it while charging.

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