Best Royalty free stock video websites [Updated 2018]

Everyone who creates video or documentaries need free stock Footages and animations for their videos. Most of them don’t know how to get it. In this blog, you can get in touch with best free stock videos website with high-quality free videos to use for personal and commercial use. The free stock video websites mentioned in this blog is copyright free and licensed under CC0.

Royalty Free Stock Video Websites

1. Pixabay
Alexa Rank: 434

Pixabay is a famous free stock video website and a big community to collect and share copyright free videos and images. All free stock videos in pixabay are released under CC0( Creative Commons zero). So it is safe to use the free stock videos from pixabay without permission or credit to the owner.

pixabay-free stock video website

2. Videvo
Alexa Rank:   14936

Videvo is free stock video website which provides high quality copyright free videos. Videvo is also provides free stock motion graphics to use in any projects. You can use videos and motion graphics from videvo free stock video website for free for any types of productions. Video clips in videvo that carry Creative Commons 3.0 license. Videvo started in 2012 as a resource for free stock videos.

videvo- free stock video website

3. Pexels
Alexa Rank:   977

Pexels is a free stock video website which provides high-quality free stock videos. Videos in pexels are completely free and licensed under creative commons zero (CC0). Use can use videos from pexels completely free for personal and commercial use.

pexels- free stock video websites

4. Coverr
Alexa Rank:  90871

Coverr is a free stock video website which provides super quality videos for personal and commercial use which are completely free. You need not take permission from anyone to use free stock videos from Coverr.  CC0 license will not allow you to compile to create a similar or competing service.  Coverr’s license will not give you permission to use logos, brand, and trademarks that appear in videos and people’s photos if that are recognizable in the videos.

coverr- free stock video website

5. Distill
Alexa Rank:   97844

Distill is an HD stock videos website. We can use videos from distill completely free for personal and commercial uses. Videos in Distill are licensed under CC0 (Creative Commons zero). 10 new videos will upload into this website every 10 days.

Distill - free stock video websites

6. Stock footage for free
Alexa Rank:  170156

Stock footage for free is a free stock video footage website with provides high-quality free stock videos which are registered under CC0.

stock-footage-for-free - free stock video website

7. Splasheo

Alexa Rank:   718005

Splasheo is a free stock video website which provides high-quality intro and outro videos to improve the professional touch of your video content.

splasheo-free stock video website

8. Ignite Motion
Alexa Rank:  238828

Ignite motion is one of the best resources for high-quality free stock videos.

ignite motion - free stock video website

9. VidsPlay
Alexa Rank:   204279

Vidsplay is a free stock video footage website for high-quality video footages. In this website, videos are adding on every week.

Vidsplay- frees tock video website

10. Cute stock footage
Alexa Rank:  101,314

Cute stock footage is the best website for royalty free stock videos. Cute stock footage is also providing free stock videos and sounds other than free stock videos.

cute stock footage- free stock video website

11. Vimeo
Alexa Rank:  130

Vimeo is a free stock videos website or video sharing website in which anyone can upload, view and share high-quality videos.  It was the first HD video sharing website in the world. Vimeo is founded by Zach Klein and Jake Lodwick in November 2004. The IAC company purchased Vimeo in August 2006.

Vimeo - free stock video website

12. Videezy
Alexa Rank:   21706

Videezy is a free stock video website for high-quality videos. This website is a place to share HD free stock videos, backgrounds, and other cool free video footage. Videezy is a platform to share thousands of clips created by various people all over the world. All videos on this website are CC0 licensed.

Videezy - free stock video website

13. Pond 5
Alexa Rank:   6749

Pond5 is a video website that providing people around the world with a chance to license their video works to an international community of various media producers and brands. This website has more than sixty thousand content contributors in about 150 countries with over ten thousand videos uploaded in this website every day.

pond5- free stock video website

14. XStockVideo

Alexa Rank:210241

Xstock video is a free stock video website. This website has about 10000 video download per month.

x stock video - free stock video website

15. FreeHDFootage

Alexa Rank:   327001

Free HD footage is a good website for free stock videos.

free hd footage - free stock video website

16. Motion Elements

Alexa Rank:   30201

Motion Elements is Asia’s leading video sharing website worldwide.  This website gives everything from stock videos, after effects, Apple motion template, and 3d models.

motion elements- free stock video website

17. Beachfront B-Roll

Alexa Rank:   456827

Beachfront B-Roll is the best place to download high definition free stock video footages and animations for any personal or commercial purpose. All videos are CC0 licensed and completely free to use.

bech front- free stock video website

18. OrangeHD

Alexa Rank:   953760

OrangeHD is one of the best free high-quality free stock video footage website for non- commercial purposes. You don’t need to sign up to this website to download videos from this website.

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19. Footage Crate

Alexa Rank:   81697

Footage crate is a very good website for high-quality free stock video websites. There are thousands of high-quality free videos on this website.

footage crate - free stock video website

20. VideoBlocks

Alexa Rank: 6037

Video blocks is a free stock video website which helps you to download high-quality free stock videos. This website is started in 2009 by a stock media company. Video blocks is one of the best among the Free stock video websites.

Video Blocks - Royalty free stock video websites

21. BottledVideo

Alexa Rank: 780518

The bottled video is free stock video website to download high-quality free stock video footages. This website is the grandchild of which was launched in 1995.

bottled video- Free stock video website

22. FlixPress

Alexa Rank: 36998

Flixpress is a free stock video footages website to get high-quality free stock videos. Anyone can use this website to broadcast high-quality videos online in minutes.

flixpress - free stock video website

23. Dissolve

Alexa Rank:  93921

Dissolve is the best website among the top free stock video websites to get high-quality videos. You can get both free stock videos and photos from this website. You can use photos and videos from this website for both personal and commercial uses.

dissolve - free stock video website


Alexa Rank: 9899

Render forest is a best free stock footage website with a mission to create broadcast free videos for everyone.

Renderforest - Royalty free stock video websites


Alexa Rank: 13648


Motion Array - Royalty free stock video websites


Alexa Rank: 49978

EditorsDepot - Royalty free stock video websites


Alexa Rank: 128853

Mazwai - Royalty free stock video websites


Alexa Rank: 319875

Clip canvas is a free stock video website which is started in 2007 and it is one of the largest free stock videos exchanging website in the world with more than 600000 video clips.

Clipcanvas - Royalty free stock video websites


Alexa Rank: 322856

open footage - Royalty free stock video websites


Alexa Rank: 520343 is a best free stock footage website and it offers a vast collection of high quality video footages for use in film, television, commercials, interactive web sites, and other multimedia productions for video makers.Monzoon is focused on both motion and still graphics and they are also providing high relevant searchability.

monzoom - Royalty free stock video websites

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