Yahoo Messenger Stops Service After 20 Years Journey

The famous and one of the oldest instant chat service yahoo messenger stops service after its 20 years journey. According to a blog post published by Yahoo, they say that they are Yahoo Messenger will no longer be supported after the 17th of July 2018. But the yahoo mail and fantasy will continue to work as usual.

Users can download their chat history to their personal computer until the end of November. The shutting down of yahoo messenger will not affects your yahoo ID. It will continue to work for other Yahoo services like yahoo mail and yahoo fantasy.

Yahoo says that the yahoo messenger app downloaded on smartphone or PC will not work after 17th July 2018. So the users can delete the app from their device after downloading their chat history and anything else they want.

After the instant messenger service yahoo messenger app, Yahoo now works on an invite-only group messaging app named Squirrel. Which is not in beta stage. Thos who want to join in yahoo squirrel, they can request an invite by visiting yahoo squirrel website.

Yahoo Squirrel invite-only group chat Service

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How to Download Yahoo Messenger Download History?

Users can download their chat history until the end of November by the following steps.

Step 1: Go to Yahoo downloader request site.

Step 2: Login to your account

Step 3: Select a verification method to proceed and enter the account key send to you.

Step 4: Click Download and Enter the e-mail address where you want your yahoo messenger chat history. Then press Ok.

Step 5: Check your email for the chat history.

Source: Yahoo Blog Post

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