How to create sitemap for google webmaster | XML Sitemap Creation

What is a sitemap?

A sitemap is an XML file which helps search engines to know the URLs on a website that are available for crawling.
sitemap model

How to Create XML Sitemap for Google Webmaster:

You can create a sitemap for your website manually or by using any third party tools. There are many thirds party websites to create sitemaps. Just google the term “sitemap generator”, you will get the websites. Here are a few steps to create your sitemap through a third party website.

Step 1: Type the URL of your website on the text box.
sitemap 1
Step 2: Click start
Step 3: Select view sitemap details
view sitemap details
Step 4: Download XML sitemap
Download xml sitemap
To submit your sitemap:
So the sitemap is ready now!

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Now we can check how to submit a sitemap to Google webmaster.
First, you want to verify your website on google webmaster. Follow the below steps to verify your website.
Step 1: Select verify this property option of your website.
verify site
Step 2: Do any of the following methods to verify your website.
• Upload an HTML file to your site
• Add a Meta tag to the homepage of your website.
• Sign in to your domain name provider.
• By using your Google analytics account
• By using the Google tag manager.

So the verification step is over. Now we can check the steps to submit a sitemap to the webmaster.
Step 1: Select your website from google webmaster homepage.
webmaster 1
Step 2: Go to Crawl menu.
Step 3: Then Click on Sitemaps.

webmaster 2

Step 4: Click on ADD/TEST SITEMAP option.

Step 5: Type the name of your sitemap (sitemap.xml). In the text field near your domain name.

webmaster 4

Step 6: Click on Submit button to submit the sitemap.