Guidelines for issuing new SIM cards By TRAI

The Department of Telecom(TRAI) has published guidelines for issuing new SIM cards. The Department of Telecom has issued revised guidelines in the absence of Aadhaar identity proof.

1. Visit the Mobile Service Store with identity proof and address proof for verifying Adress and identity

2. Take the customer’s photo there and add it to Customer Acquisition Form (CF).
3. The photo should contain CF number, GPS coordinates, outlet name, code, the photo was taken date and time.

4. The watermark should have all the identity documents (including the address proof). This should be done by the service provider.

5. You must fill in all the columns to fill in the CF form. The information will be scanned from the identification documents with the QR code and the information will be filled by itself. For example, if you provide Aadhaar as an identification document, the name, gender, date of birth, etc. will come in the same column.

6. Once the photograph and receipt are received, it will be confirmed by the one-time password user who will enter another phone number. The number should be the same service provider.

7. A one-time password assertion is asserted as the signature of the customer in the CAF.

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8. A confirmation must be given through the outage and one-time password to take the photograph.

9. Customer will receive a Transaction Id for subsequent purposes.

10. The Telecom Company records are required to verify their validity.

11.Only after this SIM card is enabled.

12. Next will be done tele-verification. The five-digit OTP will be sent to another customer assigned to it. The SIM card will be activated when it is properly recorded.

13. Only two SIM cards can be taken on a single day using the same identification documents.

14. This will apply to consumers and foreigners from outside.

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