Google Launched New Job Search Feature For Job Seekers In Canada and India

A happy news from Google for job seekers in Canda and India!!

Now its very easy to search jobs on internet.

Google Launched a new feature for job seekers which helps to find job vacancies in nearest places. The search engine leader has a partnership with other famous job listings websites like freshers world, LinkedIn, Wisdom jobs, Quikr Jobs, Time jobs,, Times jobs and Aasaan jobs etc.

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Google gathers all the job vacancies from these websites and gives relevant job vacancies on the search results for the job seekers when they search for any related keywords. The new job listing feature is almost similar to google flights which also help to find most affordable results by using intelligence.

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Job Filtering Option on Google Job Search

Google job listing feature gives some filtering options for job seekers like title, location, date posted, type, company type and employer. Title filter allows users to select the related job search topics and location filter allows to search jobs on your nearest location by specifying the maximum distance allowed from your place. Date posted filter helps you to get new results and type allows you to select the job is full time, part time or internship. Google job listings also have the open documentation facility which allows the organizations to make their job vacancies discoverable on a google search. There is another interesting alert feature, where job seekers will get email notifications when the appropriate job vacancies available.

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The number of people searching for job vacancies is increasing day by day in India. In the last year, there is 45% increase in job search related queries. Most of the results lead to fake web pages or irrelevant websites. So it is a big opportunity for job seekers to get relevant job vacancies near to you. Now Google job search feature is only available in Canada and India.

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