What is an eSIM? Difference Between A Normal SIM and e-SIM

When you hear about the dual SIM that shows Apple’s new iPhone as one of its features, you might be laughing at it. Because we have used the 8 supporting SIM china phones years ago. But it’s not like that. Apple iPhone XS’s second SIM is eSIM. What is an eSIM?, eSIM stands for embedded Subscriber Identification Module.

What is the difference between a normal SIM and e-SIM

What is the difference between a normal SIM and e-SIM? As the name says e-SIM is an embedded SIM, which is directly connected to the mobile phone’s circuit.

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Usually, it is necessary to use the service provider’s own SIM card when making connections from each service provider. But e-SIM does not need it. When switching service providers, the same e-SIM card can use by programming on the chip without using the new SIM card. For Example, someone who switching from Vodafone to Jio can easily add information to the e-SIM by their apps, without switching the SIM from their smartphones.

What are the benefits of e-SIM?

To change the service provider, you do not have to change your SIM cards regularly. Traditional SIM cards will eventually become a history when all mobile service providers across the world agree to the eSIM service approved by the GSM Association.

This allows the SIM card slot to be removed from mobile phones. Systems that support and simultaneous SIM card are the factors behind the mobile waterproofing/dust proofing terms (IP67 / 68) of mobile phones. Since eSIM is part of the circuit board, such problems can be avoided.

e-SIM, which can easily be programmed easily by all and it is much more convenient as it comes to the fact that in future each device has its own identity numbers in this 5G era.

Currently, only iPhone’s new XS series, Apple Watch and Google Pixel-2 have the eSIM facility in their phones.

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