Doodle 4 Google Contest 2018 for Indian Students

A happy news from Google for Indian students. Google announced its Doodle 4 Google contest 2018 for Indian students in class 1-10. The theme for the Google doodle contest 2018 is “What Inspires me?”.  Last date for receiving entries for Doodle contest 2018 is October 6, 2018.

What is Google Doodle

Google doodle on teachers day
Google doodle on teachers day

Google doodle is a special alteration for Google’s official logo on its search engines homepage on special occasions like holidays, events, achievements etc.

Click here for more Google doodle Examples

Prizes for Doodle 4 Google contest 2018 Winners

  • The prize for National Winner

INR 500,000 College Scholarship
INR 200.000 Technology package for their school
Trophy/Certificate of achievement
A Google India office trip
Googley Swag

  • The prize for Group Winners

Trophy/Medel of Recognition
Certificate of achievement
A Google India office trip
Googley Swag

  • The prize for National Finalists

Certificate of achievement
Googley Swag

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How to Participate in Doodle 4 Google contest 2018

Students in class 1- 10 can participate in this contest. Parents, teachers or local guardians of students can enter artworks of students to doodle 4 google website. Now we can check how to participate in Doodle 4 Google contest 2018.

1. Download or print the doodle contest form from this link.

2. Students can create their doodle using any material they want.

3. Write a description or artist statement about the doodle to understand what it means and how the doodle inspires the student.

4. Fill out the required information on the entry form and by students parent or guardian.

5. Click on Enter a Doodle Link

6. If the doodle is created on the entry form of the contest, then parents or teachers can upload the form in .png or .jpg formats to the enter a doodle link or mail to the below address given by Google.

Doodle for Google 2018,
Google India Private Limited,
Signature Tower 2, Tower B,
Delhi – Jaipur Expressway,
Sector 15 – Part 2, Gurugram,
Haryana, 122001.

NB: Carefully package the doodle in an envelope, affix the proper postage and send mail to one of the following addresses. Visit google 4 doodle website for more info.

7. If the google doodle is not in the entry form of the contest, then take a high-resolution photo or scan of the doodle in high lightning and add it with the entry form.

The doodles will be groups and judged by 5 groups as given below:

  1. Class 1-2
  2. Class 3-4
  3. Class 5-6
  4. Class 7-8
  5. Class 9-10

Criteria for selecting winners

  • Artistic Merit
  • Creativity
  • Theme Communication

Important Links for Doodle 4 Google Contest:

Know the competition levels and Disqualifications, click this link.

Get Download the teacher Guides, click here.

See previous year entries of Doodle 4 Google contest, click here.

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