Facebook Updates Technology to Remove Bad Stuff and Improve UX

Do you have a Fake Account on Facebook?

Or Do you post Spam Contents on Facebook?

If you are a person who misusing Facebook, it will be very difficult for you to continue on Facebook.

Facebook is updating their technologies using Artificial Intelligence(AI) to find and remove bad stuff from Facebook before its reported by someone. Using the Artificial Intelligence(AI) Technology Facebook can take actions in the following ways.

Remove Bad Stuff Faster: Facebook Says that there are some contents on facebook that has to find and remove faster. For example, in the case, if a suiciding attempt, they have to remove it and offering helps to them as soon as possible because it is a case of life and death.

Get to more Bad Content: Facebook says that they can’t wait for someone to report a bad post to delete it. So they have to find more bad contents using artificial intelligence to remove it faster. Facebook claims that they deleted 99% percentage messages of terrorist groups before it is reported by users.

Increasing Capacity of Facebook Review Team: Facebook says that AI technology has some limitations now. They can find all the unwanted activities on facebook. So Manual checking is needed. The new technology update will help to increase the capacity of the Facebook manual review team.

Facebook says that they updated the new technology by analyzing the patterns and behaviors of the bad content which are removed before. And they also say that there is some limitation to apply this technology to all native languages available on facebook because of the lack enough of the data to analyze the patterns and behaviors of bad stuff. Now it is only available in English in its perfect form.

Examples for Bad Stuff in Facebook

The new technology can identify the bad contents in the following categories:

Fake Accounts: Facebook team deletes millions of fake accounts every day at the moment is created or before they can do any harm using AI Technology.

Graphic Violence or nudity: Facebook AI technology automatically removes graphic violence and pornographic content from the website.

Hate Speech: Detecting hate speeches using AI technology is the biggest challenge. This facility is currently supported in English and Portuguese. We can expect that Facebook will improve this technology in coming days.

Terrorist Propaganda: Most of the terrorism-related posts will be removed automatically at the moment it is posted or before it is reported.

Spam: Detecting and deleting spam content is a very challenging job for facebook AI. If Same content again and again in a small time period. It will consider as a spam And Facebook will delete it.

Suicide Prevention: As described above facebook AI technology can identify people at risk so they can get immediate help.

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