In this blog we are going to check what is digital marketing. The term digital marketing is familiar to everyone. Digital marketing means marketing a product or service by using various digital resources. If you want to market a product, you want to go to people. Today people are online ,So you want to go online to market your product or service.

There are various channels in digital marketing to reach people like websites, blogs, eBooks, infographics, social media channels, online brochures and online advertisements etc.

Digital Marketing Techniques

We can do digital marketing through various techniques like:
• Search Engine Optimization(SEO)
• Search Engine Marketing(SEM)
• Social Media Marketing(SMM)
• Email Marketing
• Affiliate Marketing
• Content Marketing
• Reputation Management etc,.

Inbound marketing method is used in digital media marketing to get customers. Inbound marketing provides informations to customers and bulid trust among them via various digital marketing methods. In inbound marketing the ideal customer is referred as buyers persona and the journey of a visitor to a customer is known as buyers journey.

Stages in Buyers journey

Buyers journey has three stages:

• Awareness- buyer persona finds they have a problem
• Confirmation- buyer persona understands the problem and searching for solution.
• Decision- buyer persona finds the solution and makes a purchase.

Steps in inbound marketing

There are four steps in inbound marketing to convert a stranger to a customer.
• Attract – In attract you are converting the strager to a visitor through your social media channels, blog posts or website contents etc.
• Convert – In this stage we are converting visitors into leads through forms,meeting or messages etc.
• Close- In this stage leads are converting to customers.
• Delight- In this stage the customers are converted as promoters.

In digital media marketing you can see the results much faster than traditional marketing and we can measure the exact ROI(return on investment) in digital media marketing. The cost of digital marketing is low when compare to traditional marketing and the result is better than traditional marketing.

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