Top 10 Google Chrome Extensions by Google

In this blog we are going to discuss the top 10 google chrome extensions by google.

1.Password Alert

This chrome extension is used to protect passwords from phishing attacks. if you type your google accounts password anywhere other than Google sign in page then you will get a notification. You can change your password if needed. This extension also checks all the pages you visit. And checks anyone is impersonating to your Google sign in page. And it will alert you.

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2.Google Translate

By using this chrome extension we can view the translations of words or phrase that we want to search. It is products by Google translate team.
To translate a word, phrase or sentence just highlight or right click on the text and select translate icon to translate it to a language you want. If you want to translate the entire page select the translate icon from the browser toolbar.

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3.Google Hangouts

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4.Google Mail Checker

This Google chrome extension is used to check the emails in our inbox. It displays the number of unread messages on your inbox. You can open your inbox by clicking on the Gmail button.
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5.Google Calendar (by Google)

By using Google calendar extensions you can add the programs and events from the websites you visit. You can access the calendar by just clicking the calendar button on the browser toolbar. You don’t want to leave the page to access your calendar and to add an event to the calendar.
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6.Google Input Tools

This Google chrome extension by Google allows you to type on your own languages or the language you want. This extension provides you virtual keyboards in more than 90 languages. You can switch to a language by just clicking on the icon and you can switch back easily. Google input supports handwriting input for about 40 languages.
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7.Earth View from Google Earth

By this Google chrome extension by Google you can watch one beautiful image from Google earth every time you open a new tap on your browser.
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8.Save to Google Drive

By using this Google chrome extension you can save screen captures or web contents directly to the Google drive. You can save videos, images or Documents by click on the save to Google drive option.

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9.Office Editing for Docs, Sheets & Slides

This extension helps you to view or edit Word, PowerPoint and excel files via Google docs, slide and sheets. You don’t need to install Microsoft office in your computer. If you installed this extension in your browser when you drag the documents into the browser or opening the document from Google drive, It will be opened on docs, slides or sheets to view and edit.
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10.Google Arts & Culture

By installing this extension on your browser you can art your masterpieces from Google arts & culture on your browser tabs.

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There are many more Google chrome extensions that are developed by google. That you can find from the web.
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