Samsung Galaxy A8 Star Launched; Features, Price and Specifications

Samsung Galaxy A8 Star launched in India. The handset will be available at Amazon India from 27th August. The price of Samsung galaxy A8 Star in India will be 34,990.

Features of Samsung Galaxy A8 Star

The new Samsung Galaxy A8 Star have ergonomic, near bezel-less design minimizes distraction and it helps to comfortably keep watching the screen. The new design has a sleek design and symmetrical side styling that fits in hand.

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Samsung Galaxy A8 Star now works as your personal mobile manager using Bixby. Bixby home, Bixby reminder, Bixby vision and Bixby voice are the various features of Bixby.

Bixby home learns about the users from their activities and habits and provides useful information from different apps on your phone.

Bixby reminder helps to remind something when and where it needs. Bixby vision makes your life smarter. By just taking a picture from your phone Bixby allows you to search for items and translate documents easily.

Bixby’s voice helps you to control your device completely with your voice.

Another attracting feature of Samsung Galaxy A8 Star is the device will be always on. And you can view the essential details like date, time, notifications and battery life etc.

You can install your favorite messenger app two types to manage your personal and work chats. You can install the second instance of your famous mobile app from the home screen or from the settings. Galaxy A8 plus also allows multitasking, which allows you to use the two apps simultaneously.

Samsung’s secure folder allows you to hide your photos and other personal data in a secure place. Only you can access that data from the folder.

Specifications of Samsung Galaxy A8 Star

Processor: Octa-core Processor

Display: 6.28 inches

Camera Resolution: 16 MP (Rear) + 24 MP(Front)

Camera Autofocus: Yes

RAM size: 4 GB

ROM size: 64 GB

SD Card Support: Up to 400 GB

Operating System: Android 8.0

Battery Capacity: 3700 mAh

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