KaiOS – The Best Feature Phone Operating System

We all are familiar with the world famous mobile operating systems like Android OS and iOS. These operating systems are normally used for smartphones. In this article, we are going to learn about a mobile operating system which is used in the feature phones. KaiOS – The best feature phone operating system. As the best feature phone operating system, KaiOS is very light OS and it has apps, wifi, GPS and other smartphone features for non-touchable, low-cost devices.

KaiOS is a mobile operating system based on Linux kernel and which helps to access the features of a smartphone on a feature phone, Which is developed by using CSS and Javascript.

Features of KaiOS

KaiOS has attracting features that are used in smartphones. The feature os KaiOS are:


KaiStore is the app store for KaiOS phones. Users can download the apps and games to their phone from KaiStore. The apps available in KaiStore is Youtube, Facebook, WhatsApp, Google Maps and Google assistant etc.


Games are also available in KaiOS phone which can be downloaded from KaiStore. Guardians, Plan.ET, Birdy, and Gems are currently the games available on KaiStore.

Social & Messaging

There are some social and messaging apps which are supported by KaiOS. The Social and Messaging Apps Supported by KaiOS are Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Messages, Video Call and Email.

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Long Battery Life

KaiOS phones normally have battery capacity between 1350 mAh and 2000 mAh. These phones can last for about 4 days in one charging because of their good resource management.

Devices Run in KaiOS

There are many affordable feature phones that are run using KaiOS. The Devices Runs in KaiOS are:

Nokia 8110 (Banana Phone)

The first edition of Nokia 8110 is launched in 1996 and it made a big hit all over the world. In 2018 Nokia re-released the 8110 model feature phone using KaiOS, which enables smartphone facilities in the smartphone.

Jio Phone (Reliance Jio)

Jio phone brought the KaiOS to India by using it on their free feature phone which makes a big hit in the country.

Jio Phone 2 (Reliance Jio)

After Jio Phone Reliance introduces their new feature phone Jio phone 2 in July 2018. The operating system used in Jio phone 2 is KaiOS.

Alcatel Go Flip 2

This is the first feature phone launched with KaiOS in North America with 512 MB ram. This Feature phone proved that the KaiOS is stable and secure.

Doro 7050

Doro 7050 is a KaiOS supported feature phone for users in the US.

Doro 7060

Doro Launched their KaiOS supporting smartphone in 2018 for the users in Europe.

MaxCom 241 and MaxCom 281

MaxCom generally makes affordable feature phones for homes and offices. They are going to launch their new KaiOS supporting feature phone this year. Maxcom 241 is a midrange model and the Maxcom 281 is a better model with a big screen and camera.

Visit KaiOS website to know more.

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