How to delete your gmail account

In this blog we are going to learn How to delete your gmail account step by step.
If you want to delete your gmail account permanently, then you can do that without deleting your entire google account. Here are few things you want to know before deleting your gmail account.

  • The gmail address you are deleting can’t be used by anyone in future.
  • By deleting your gmail account you won’t lose other google services you are using on that address.
  • All your emails on that account will be deleted.

How to delete gmail Account

Now we can check how to delete your gmail address step by step.

Step 1: Go to google account settings ( and select “delete your accounts  or services” under “account preference”.


Directly goto

Step 2: Select the delete products under “delete your account or services.”

delete gmail account 1

Step 3: Sign in to your gmail account you want delete.

Step 5: Click on the trash icon next to the gmail option under “delete a google dervice”.

delete gmail account 2

Step 6: Enter one email address under “enter an email address” in the dialogue box named “how you will sign in to google“ . The gmail address must be different from the gmail account associated with your current gmail address.

delete gmail account 3

Then click on send verification email.

Step 7: Open the email in your inbox, which came from google about gmail deletion confirmation and follow the link on that website to delete your email.

Step 8: Again log in to your gmail account that you want to delete.

Step 9: Then click delete gmail option. Then click on done. Before you click this please notice that you can’t undo this step. If you click on delete gmail option your gmail account and all the emails on that account will be deleted.