Best Wooden Furniture Store in Kerala

TIP TOP furniture store– The Best Wooden Furniture Store in Kerala, has grown to be, milestone in the history of Kerala and Kottakkal. An organization which had been instrumental in projecting, the name of Kottakkal to the face furniture business of the world is first time. In the ground of furnishings industry the name TIP TOP kerala furniture is as a substitute for majestic and excellence, to one side from it’s sacrosanct, incomparability in the field of Ayurveda medical science. Tiptop wooden furniture has branches in Thiruvananthapuram, Kollam, Thrissur, Kozhikode and Ernakulam.

Tiptop Wooden Furniture Store Products


Monarch is Tiptop furniture store’s most prestigious product in the Alpine Regalia range of wooden furniture coveted and owned by the rich and the famous all over the world, the designs and carvings adorning monarch are ample testimonials to the dexterity and resourcefulness unique to the craftsmen at Tiptop wooden furniture store kottakkal.


Settees are series of drawing room furniture made of Rose wood, Teak, Red wood. We have collection of more than 100 designs to suit the customer’s functional value. The standard set consist of a 3-seater sofa and 2 single chairs. Various combinations are available on request. Settees are speciallt carved to add its magnificent appearance. The Fabric used is the best of various countries for the upholstery.

Coffee Table

Coffee Table are available in different models in a wide range of Kerala furniture designs ranging from simple styles most modern styles and every piece is unique in appearance, Excellent intricate carvings ensure style, high durability and finishing that add classic look and beauty to the to the Settees. Models to choose from Oval, Square and Rectangular shapes.

Dining table and Chairs

At Tiptop- Best Wooden Furniture Store in Kerala, the wide range of designs of dining Table and Chairs are of Rose wood and teak that maintain an optimum balance between style and function and carefully crafted to maintain maximum comfort. They offer the customer a truly fascinating appearance to your home. They offer the customer to choose from different shapes in oval, circular and rectangular.


The cots we also have many models in different designs that are made to give optimum relaxation and comfort. The strength associated with cots is five times more than the normal. The strength required as the flat base for mattress is in teak as opposed to plywood normally used. The side table to the cot offers fifty ornate furniture designs to suite the appearance of the bedroom.

Divan and rocky chairs

Divas cots and rocky chairs are customized series of products to provide fun, comfort and relaxation, which is our most sought after product in the India. The chief furniture design objective ensures a class majestic look, which is popular in Kerala.

Dressing Table and Shelf

Dressing table and shelf’s wardrobes also have variety of wooden furniture designs that charms any house due to its special look. All of them are truly typical and different from any other kerala furniture. The shelf offer items on all purpose use from book shelf to a quite different functional use.